Celtic Fairy Tales

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A Legend of KnockmanyAndrew CoffeyBeth GellertBrewery of EggshellsConall YellowclawConnla and the Fairy MaidenFair, Brown, and TremblingGold-Tree and Silver-TreeGuleeshHudden and Dudden and Donald O'NearyJack and His ComradesJack and his MasterKing O'Toole and His GooseMunachar and ManacharThe Battle of the BirdsThe Field of BoliaunsThe Horned WomenThe Lad with the Goat-skinThe Sea-MaidenThe Shee an Gannon and the Gruagach GaireThe Shepherd of MyddvaiThe Sprightly TailorThe Story of DeidreThe Story-Teller at FaultThe Tale of IvanThe Wooing of Olwen